Our Services


Build offers a wide range of approaches to help you improve your business performance. Our extensive experience allows us to identify the most effective system for each client’s needs.



Statistical Problem Solving (SPS) is a stepwise systematic approach to solving problems that synergistically combines sound statistical methods, engineering principles, subject matter knowledge, and teamwork principles.  When properly executed, SPS is highly effective in solving complicated and chronic problems at the fastest speed possible and for the lowest cost of investigation and implementation.


Rapid Improvement Methods

The Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) is an intense training and implementation method that provides immediate improvement and feedback, effective training, and increased awareness within your organization.  The RIE can be applied to most any topic, problem, or opportunity. The RIE is also effective at overcoming cultural inertia and accelerating change.


Lean Implementation

“Lean” is a widely recognized but often misunderstood buzzword.  Effective Lean implementation requires sound leadership from an experienced lean practitioner.  The Lean enterprise offers greater customer satisfaction, improved quality, lower costs, and increased market share.  Return on Investment (ROI) for a lean implementation easily exceeds 100% within the first year.


Project Management

All organizations execute projects.  Project management is often left to untrained professionals who rely on common sense and wit to get the job done.  But Project Management is a well-defined activity and a proper understanding of its principles can yield tremendous rewards.  Build can help turn your project managers into pros.



Six-Sigma Initiatives

Six Sigma is a total system for quality improvement that defines activities for all levels of the organization.  Too often, Six Sigma companies get bogged down in the infrastructure and miss the primary objective of solving important problems.  If you want to realize the true rewards of a Six-Sigma program, Build can help you.


Business Assessment

All businesses have opportunities for improvement cleverly disguised as problems.  You will achieve the most relevant and significant financial improvement to your business performance when you objectively understand your own peculiar challenges whether they lie in quality, cost or delivery.  Build can help you apply the best improvement methodologies to your issues.