Our Approach

Build has a wide array of tools at its disposal. We are not proponents of a one-size-fits-all approach and we do not promote one improvement method over others. Instead, we work with each client to identify the most appropriate improvement system for the needs of that client. Our engagement typically progresses through three main stages.


1.Identify opportunities

Build begins by working with your leadership team to look at your business at a global level for financial, quality, delivery, and cost metrics.  The output of this initial look is a prioritized list of potential improvement projects.


2. Diagnose and discover

Once projects are identified, Build will assist your team in deeper diagnosis and the discovery of potential solutions.  By performing the work, your team will gain new knowledge and identify effective solutions for your business.


3. Implement solutions

Implementing solutions is where the rubber meets the road and the actual benefits improve your business performance.  Implementation is not easy and Build will guide and assist on your improvement projects. 


Effective results

As a result of our process, the client can expect improved performance, a stronger, more skillful team and higher profits. We emphasizes working on real life problems at your business for three main reasons.  


Return on investment 

Diagnosis, discovery, and implementation are not free, but the effective execution results in significant financial performance improvement and strong ROI.


New powerful knowledge

Your team will learn new skills and gain knowledge about your business which will be the foundation for further improvement.


Improved Quality, Delivery, and Cost

All effective improvement efforts improve quality, delivery, and cost resulting in happier customers and increased market share.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

The saying, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” is not simply a platitude.  It is an important principle.  All of our engagements stress gaining new knowledge, practicing new skills, and exercising rigorous critical thinking.  As we gain knowledge together, we can all work smarter.